How It Began

The Christmas Experience began in 2010, when a group from Church 52 ( was ministering at a local jail and became aware that the families of inmates were struggling to provide Christmas for their families at home. That year, the church served 24 children and their families. 

Over the years, the event has grown consistently, and has expanded to include all families in need – not just those of inmates. Word has spread through the east and southeast communities of Indianapolis to the point where the Christmas Experience team no longer has to seek out families to invite – families in need are now referred to the church and go through a vetting process to verify and confirm their need. Guests of the Christmas Experience receive free haircuts, free family photos, access to a food pantry and additional resources such as local community centers and child support services. In 2020, 131 families and 402 children were guests of the Christmas Experience, and approximately $40,000 worth of
merchandise was “sold” at no charge to these families.

Leadership Team

The Christmas Experience team is made up of countless volunteers and community members who are passionate about serving Indianapolis families in need. Because our team is ever-growing and changing, it's simply not possible to recognize each individual who contributes to the success of our program each and every year.

If you have questions or would like to make a contribution to the Christmas Experience, we encourage and welcome you to get in touch with us!

Thank you for your continued support.

Get In Touch

Jamie is the Founder and Director of Operations for The Christmas Experience.  She started the organization 11 years ago as a way to stand in the gap for parents that weren't able to provide Christmas presents to their kids.  Over the years, the organization has grown into a mission to provide families with the resources they need to not only provide presents, but position themselves for greater financial stability and success.  Jamie is passionate about providing families with helpful resources and empowering them to overcome obstacles to provide for their families.

Director of Operations
Jamie Inskeep

Heather serves as the Senior Guest Coordinator for the Christmas Experience.  During the 9 years she has been a part of the organization she has served in many capacities, but providing exceptional support to the guests is her greatest contribution.  The Christmas Experience has been giving back to the place she calls home and helps unify the community.  She is passionate about the Christmas Experience because it has provided her with a great sense of purpose by serving those around her.

Senior Guest Coordinator
Heather Winkle
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